• Ritual for Life Transitions

    Every Day Rituals for Living an Embodied Life


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    Food Ritual During Life Transitions

    Tap into the healing power of food ritual. Red Lentil creates a personalized meal for you and integrates symbolic foods throughout. A powerful way to mark life transitions:


    - Birth


    - New Home

    - Bar or Bat Mitzvah

    - Loss

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    Building a Blessing

    Body based practices inspired by Jewish ritual can be a support in times of transition. Using the framework of a Jewish Blessing, these workshops create sacred space using movement, food ritual, energy work, and the creation of a blessing.


    Gatherings are offered periodically throughout the year to honor Jewish Cycles, are offered to groups and are held with individuals as a way to process and integrate large life moments.




  • Purple Honey Podcast


    Purple Honey is a gathering of female voices where we discover in conversation, the sweet spot between Jewish Wisdom and Feminine Spirituality.

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    A Gathering of Female Voices

    Purple honey is a platform for open dialogue about the lives and work of Jewish females past, present, and future.

    Guest have included rabbis, novelists, mikvah guides, and more. To listen click here. Enjoy.

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