• Find What Nourishes You

    Red Lentil will be your guide as you discover what nourishment feels like in your body.What does it feel like to be nourished in your bones? What does it feel like when you are in touch your hunger rhythms throughout the day, week and month? What does it feel like when you energy is stable? What does it feel like for your body to KNOW?

  • Connect-Cook-Nourish

    Nourishment is a Practice.

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    Connect to Your Rhythm


    Bring your ever changing nourishment needs in alignment with daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rhythms that define our food lives.




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    Cook Your Favorite Five

    Establish a foundation of meals that will serve as the nourishing meal base from which you will build out the flavors of your food life.






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    Nourish Deeply


    Once food patterns and meals are set, Red Lentil helps you refine and adapt your food choices to further balance hormones, balance gut health, manage food sensitivities, and minimize inflammation.





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    Jodi Balis

    Food Intuitive

    Food Ritualist

    Registered Dietitian



    Jodi Balis has been cooking in the kitchen with adults, children, and families for 20 years.


    As a food guide, she helps individuals find their food niche where meals are both practical to prepare and nourishing.


    As a teacher, she approaches cooking and meal planning as both a technical and creative endeavor. She helps others set a strong meal foundation in the kitchen and create a cooking practice that flows and fits into busy schedules.


    As a mother of two, Jodi designed her own kitchen so that food, family, and life are integrated into one. She finds joy in sitting around the table and eating roasted chickpeas with her 2 daughters.