Red Lentil creates a personalized repertoire of recipes based on food that resonates with you. Your recipe collection is designed to build cooking skills and establish foundational meals that will nourish you and your family.  
  • Our Approach

    Nourishment for Mind, Body, and Bowl

    Eating for Replenishment

    You can create space for healing through the food that you eat and the way that you walk through the world. Red Lentil supports you with tools to help restore your health and your energy levels.


    Red Lentil addresses your personal nourishment needs as it relates to seasonal shifts, hormonal shifts and recovery from illness.





    Optimal Health Foodlife Coaching

    Maximizing the body's capacity to heal requires creating a food life that is supportive and nourishing. Red Lentil will help you on this journey with:

    Meal Planning

    Meal Support

    Kitchen Organization


    Initial Consultation: $125

    Continuing Support: $90 per 1 hour session


    Meal Support costs vary based on needs

    Food Ritual During Life Transitions

    Tap into the healing power of food ritual. Red Lentil creates a personalized meal for you and integrates symbolic foods throughout. A powerful way to mark life transitions:

    - Birth
    - New Home
    - Bar or Bat Mitzvah

    Taste and Teshuvah: New Year Attunement through Food Ritual

    The 7 weeks leading up to the New Year is a reflective time and pathway towards Teshuvah, a shift into alignment with ourselves. In Taste and Teshuvah, we journey together, with the distilled wisdom found in the very food we eat. From tasting, to cooking to nourishing ourselves, we look to food, our bodies and the wisdom that lies therein to teach us HOW to shift, transcend and alchemize the parts of our lives where we are not "fully baked". We tap into this powerful time together, so that we may enter New Year Time feeling connected, attuned, nourished and present.


    4 Call in Sessions Fridays August 9,23,Sept 13,Oct 4

    12pm-1pm EST

    *All calls will be recorded



    -Weekly inspirations and reflections inspired by food and cooking

    -7 Food Rituals

    -7 "Transformational Cooking" Recipes



  • Taste and Teshuvah Sign Up

    Taste and Teshuvah
    Journey into the New Year inspired by Food Ritual and the wisdom found within the food that we eat.

    4 Call in Sessions Fridays August 9,23,Sept 13,Oct 4
    12pm-1pm EST
    *All calls will be recorded

    -Weekly inspirations and reflections inspired by food and cooking
    -7 Food Rituals
    -7 "Transformational Cooking" Recipes
    Coming soon
  • Purple Honey Podcast

    Purple Honey is a gathering of female voices where we explore how Jewish Wisdom and Feminine Spirituality can bring sweetness to our every day lives.

  • Building a Community


    We are coming off the heels of Shavuot, where the formative moment of receiving the Torah marked the beginning of building community. We explore what it means to form community.

    SVIVAH: Inspiring, Supporting, Connecting and Celebrating Jewish Womanhood.

    We explore SVIVAH a Jewish women's collective that gathers together to deeply connect, explore foundational texts, and to hold space together to explore profound life moments.


    Ariele Mortkowitz, SVIVAH Creator, is passionate about the ways women interact with their faith and their community and has dedicated herself to the pursuit of fulfilling female Jewish spiritual and communal experiences. As a volunteer mikvah guide for the past 14 years, Ariele saw how the mikvah ritual could augment an individual’s spiritual journey and create a space for personal connections, leading her to create the Agam Center in 2016. As its founding director, Ariele established the Agam Center as an expansion of what a mikvah can be to a community, creating a Jewish communal home for women's spirituality, wellness, education, and connection. Her work garnered international attention and furthered the conversation about women’s spaces in organizational Judaism. Further committed to creating more spaces for women in Judaism, Ariele is excited about launching SVIVAH, where she gets to "collect" inspirational teachers, healers, counselors, and guides devoted to improving the lives of women and then share them with the audience of Jewish women that has been waiting for them. Ariele is a frequent presenter on modernizing mikvah and female-focused ritual and spirituality. She is a questioning perfectionist who thinks “status quo” is a bad word. She has a background in the Jewish nonprofit world with a focus on strategic planning, organizational growth, and staff training. Ariele is also a JOFA/Yeshivat Chovevei Torah/Yeshivat Maharat-certified premarital teacher. Originally a “Jersey Girl”, Ariele moved to DC with her husband, David Hain, in 2004 where they live with three little people who ask the best questions. Ariele wishes she had more time to read more good books, plays a mean game of Uno, and loves to cook too much, ensuring that there is always room for one more at her table.

    New Synagogue Project

    We talk about the New Synagogue Project, a new Jewish Community in Washington DC that is spiritually vibrant, radically inclusive, and reflects a vision for a world of justice, equity, and liberation.


    Lauren Spokane is the Lead Instigator and Board Chair of the New Synagogue Project. When she's not synagogue-building, she works as the Director of Development for a multi-racial, multi-faith community organizing network called Faith in Action. Lauren began her career in Boston, Mass., as a community organizer with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization and the Union for Reform Judaism, during which time she also served on the first board of Kavod, a Jewish social justice community in Boston. She later developed her fundraising chops as Associate Director of Jewish Studies at the University of Washington and as a Giving Project participant and board member of Social Justice Fund Northwest. Through her work to build the New Synagogue Project, Lauren channels her skills and passion for fundraising, community organizing, organizational development, justice, singing, creativity, and building a sense of community and home. A DC resident, she also serves on the board of Jews United for Justice. She has a BA in Political Science with a concentration in Urban Studies from Yale University and an MPA from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington.

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  • Events

    Summer Solstice Retreat

    I am so excited to be collaborating with Rabbi Sarah Tasman and preparing lunch and food ritual at her Summer Solstice Retreat!

    Take the time out of your busy schedule to relax, refresh, and renew. Celebrate Summer Solstice with movement, meditation, and creative expression.
    The retreat will include:
    Restorative Yoga for all levels
    A delicious, healthy, seasonal, vegetarian lunch and food ritual prepared and led by Jodi Balis of Red Lentil Consulting
    Art and Creative Expression Activity
    Wellness tips and Intentions for the season


    Register Here



    Jodi Balis

    Food Intuitive
    Ritual Maker
    Registered Dietitian
    Jodi Balis has been cooking in the kitchen with adults, children, and families for 15 years.
    As a food guide, she helps individuals find their food niche where meals are both practical to prepare and nourishing. 
    As a teacher, she approaches cooking and meal planning as both a technical and creative endeavor. She helps others set a strong meal foundation in the kitchen and create a cooking practice that flows and fits into busy schedules. 
     As a mother of two, Jodi designed her own kitchen so that food, family, and life are integrated into one. She finds joy in sitting around the table and eating roasted chickpeas with her 2 daughters.