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    Purple Honey is a gathering of female voices where we discover in conversation, the sweet spot between Jewish Wisdom and Feminine Spirituality.

  • Jewish Food 2.0


    We have a delicious conversation with Sarah Newman, creator of Neesh Noosh. Sarah creates recipes inspired by themes that emerge from the weekly Torah portion and from Jewish Cycles.

    Sarah Newman is a writer, food enthusiast, cook and social justice advocate, She created Neesh Noosh, a blog where she details her year long project to learn the weekly Torah portion and create recipes inspired by themes that emerged from the text. When she began this project in 2014, it was also the end of the Shmita cycle, an agricultural year of rest that occurs every seven years. Sarah incorporated local and seasonal ingredients and prepared vegetarian recipes to integrate Shmita principles. Sarah continues to develop recipes inspired by Jewish communities she has met around the world, from India to Italy, and she continues to write about current issues as they relate to food through a Jewish lens.


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