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    Purple Honey is a gathering of female voices where we discover in conversation, the sweet spot between Jewish Wisdom and Feminine Spirituality.

  • The Ritual of Communal Story Telling


    In Jewish tradition, we read the central Judaic text, Torah, over and over and over again. As we have crossed over into the New Year, we begin the story once again. I talk with Rebecca Entel, novelist and Professor of English and Creative Writing at Cornell College, about what we can discover in the art and ritual of reading and writing.

    The Wisdom of Storytelling

    I am in conversation with novelist Rebecca Entel, author of Fingerprints of Previous Owners. Rebecca is Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at Cornell College, where she also directs the Center for the Literary Arts. She teaches courses on a range of topics: Literature and Social Reform in Late Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Multicultural Literature, Studies in African-American Literature, the American Renaissance, Literary Responses to War, Introduction to Creative Writing, Advanced Fiction Writing, Senior Project in Creative Writing, and Bahamian Literature, an immersive experience about literature and the environment taught on the island of San Salvador.Compliment listening to the podcast by reading her novel or her essay A Tourist in My Own Book, where she recounts her time in San Salvador.

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