• Cooking and Food Life Coaching


    Your Cooking Coach

    Find nourishment and ease in your food life. Whether you are looking to revamp your meal repertoire, align your kitchen with your wellness goals or practice knife skills, Red Lentil is here to support you. Sessions are 1 on 1 and in your home.


    Cooking Coaching

    $225 per 2 1/2 hour in home session

    -where we prepare 4 meals

    -Red Lentil does the shopping


    $599 for 3 in home home sessions





    Food Rx for Gut Health

    Supporting a healthy gut is a foundational building block to optimizing health. Whether you are struggling with IBS, managing SIBO or leaky gut, or general GI issues, Red Lentil will help you identify triggers, manage food restrictions, optimize nutrition for healing, and help you cook recipes that support gut health.


    Initial in Home Nutrition and Food Life Consultation


    Follow Ups (in home or Zoom)



    **please inquire about cooking coaching and/or temporary meal support as additional support

    PeriMenopause + Nourishment

    Peri menopause is for reals and can affect sleep, mood, weight, blood sugar balance, mental clarity, anxiety and the list goes on.


    Nourishment and nutrition are so important to help keep you in balance. Red Lentil will support you in navigating through and stabilizing the monthly ups and downs of peri menopause.


    Cost varies based on individual needs

  • Events

    Fermentation 101 for Healthcare Providers!

    A super fun evening at the District Center for Integrative Medicine to enjoy some zingy bites and talk meal planning.