Red Lentil creates a personalized repertoire of recipes based on food that resonates with you. Your recipe collection is designed to build cooking skills and establish foundational meals that will nourish you and your family.  

    Strategies for the Mind, Body, and Bowl

    Your Meal Collection

    Red Lentil designs a recipe collection based on you. This includes:

     -A personalized recipe collection of seven suppers

     -Shopping list 

    - Staples to have on hand

    - Cooking techniques and tips


    Cooking Skills

    Red Lentil helps you build basic cooking skills while cultivating a creative meal making mindset. In cooking through your Field Guide you will:

    -Cook with and identify versatile ingredients 
     -Build a base of multi use kitchen staples
     -Practice improvising in the kitchen

    Your Best Kitchen

    Red Lentil works with you to create a kitchen organization plan to optimize ease and workflow while cooking. Your Best Kitchen includes:

    -A stocked pantry
    -Easy access to cooking equipment
    -Space to work, prep, and clean
    -Storage containers that meet your needs
    - Space and planning for food waste management

    Foods that Resonate

    Red Lentil guides your discovery of food combinations that click from the inside. Practice cultivating food intuition with:

    - Guided explorations of the mind/body/food connection
    -Taste exploration and discovery
    -Food Guide journaling

    Transformational Cooking

    Red Lentil cooks side by side with you, providing organization and cooking tips to set you up for success. This package includes:

    -  A discovery process session including meal designing and hands on food prep practice
    - A hands on food prep practice session in Red Lentil's kitchen
    - Your own personalized Meal Collection
    -Ongoing support through Skype and e-mail

    Food Ritual During Life Transitions

    Tap into the healing power of food ritual. Red Lentil creates a personalized meal for you and integrates symbolic foods throughout. A powerful way to mark life transitions:

    - Birth
    - New Home
    - Bar or Bat Mitzvah

    Meal Support for New Mamas

    Red Lentil cooks nourishing meals in your home to support mamas during birth recovery and in family life transitions. You will be supported with: 

    -Nourishing meals supporting childbirth recovery and breastfeeding
    -General wellness support
    -A personalized 5 day meal collection 
  • Purple Honey Podcast

    Purple Honey is a gathering of female voices where we explore how Jewish Wisdom and Feminine Spirituality can bring sweetness to our every day lives.

  • Water, Trees and Land

    This month Purple Honey talks with 3 women about how body connection to land, water and trees help us move through cycles in our lives.

    Ritual Immersion

    How can the ritual of Mikvah, or water immersion, be a touchstone for life transitions today? How has Mikvah evolved towards becoming a body positive practice and a ritual to mark all the cycles in our lives?

    Naomi Malka is the Director of the Adas Community Mikvah in Washington DC. As a progressive Community Mikvah, the Mikvah embraces inclusion and is designated as a sacred space to support Jewish ritual life and the personal transitions of individuals and families in the Jewish community.

    Living into the Questions with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

    How can the energetic qualities of the Tree of Life, a symbol in Jewish Mysticism, bring us more deeply into ourselves? What can the physical tree teach us about our basic goodness?

    Sharon Rosen is an Embodiment Coach, Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer. Sharon supports individuals through one on one coaching, supporting them to access stillness, connect to and listen to the quiet at their center and to sit in their center where wisdom lies. Sharon draws from Jewish mystical tradition, using the energetic qualities of the Tree of Life, the blueprint to life, as a healing tool.

    Reconnecting to our land based roots, integrating nature into Jewish experiences.

    How can reconnecting to our agricultural roots and reimagining ourselves as the land based people we were, deepen our connection to land, to ourselves and to each other?

    Sara Shalva is the Assistant Director-Chief Programming Officer at Pearlstone Retreat Center, an outdoor gathering space outside of Baltimore Maryland, where individuals, groups, and families can connect to the land and to each other through retreats, celebrations and other programming. Individuals and families visiting Pearlstone get to enjoy rolling hills, an organic educational farm and hiking trails. At Jewish holiday retreat, Overnight and Day summer camps and family camp, Pearlstone creates expansive Jewish experiences that are integrated with the natural world.

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    Jodi Balis

    Food Intuitive
    Ritual Maker
    Registered Dietitian
    Jodi Balis has been cooking in the kitchen with adults, children, and families for 15 years.
    As a food guide, she helps individuals find their food niche where meals are both practical to prepare and nourishing. 
    As a teacher, she approaches cooking and meal planning as both a technical and creative endeavor. She helps others set a strong meal foundation in the kitchen and create a cooking practice that flows and fits into busy schedules. 
     As a mother of two, Jodi designed her own kitchen so that food, family, and life are integrated into one. She finds joy in sitting around the table and eating roasted chickpeas with her 2 daughters.