Red Lentil creates a personalized repertoire of recipes based on food that resonates with you. Your recipe collection is designed to build cooking skills and establish foundational meals that will nourish you and your family.  
  • Our Approach

    Nourishment for Mind, Body, and Bowl

    Aligned Eating

    Red Lentil designs a recipe collection based on foods that resonate with you and that aligns with your weekly rhythm. This includes:


    -A personalized recipe collection of seven suppers


    -Shopping list

    - Staples to have on hand

    - Cooking techniques and tips

    - "7 Ways to Use" lists


    Your Food Rhythms

    Whether it's the season or a shift in life stage, foods we crave and need change over time. Red Lentil addresses your personal nourishment needs as it relates to:


    - Seasonal changes


    -Hormonal changes (pregnancy, postnatal, peri-menopause, menopause)

    -Monthly Cycles


    Food Ritual During Life Transitions

    Tap into the healing power of food ritual. Red Lentil creates a personalized meal for you and integrates symbolic foods throughout. A powerful way to mark life transitions:

    - Birth
    - New Home
    - Bar or Bat Mitzvah

    Eating with the Omer: A 7-Week Mindful Food Journey

    The seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot invite us to make the trek of leaving that which keeps us small and moving into expansion and alignment with our deepest desires and truths. Eating with the Omer joins food, body and ritual as the guides through this journey. Eating with the Omer includes:


    -Recipe Booklet

    -Food Ritual Guide

    -Weekly e-mail with themed food and body rituals

    -Community Forum

    -YouTube Ritual Videos

    -Closing Food Ritual and Tasting (optional, local)


    Cost is $36

    Video: Learn More About Eating with the Omer!

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  • Purple Honey Podcast

    Purple Honey is a gathering of female voices where we explore how Jewish Wisdom and Feminine Spirituality can bring sweetness to our every day lives.

  • Healing and Wholeness


    The month of Iyar is a month of healing. As we enact the Counting of Days, our attention rests on wholeness. And it is from this place, where we can move towards healing.

    Healing and Wholeness

    We explore wisdom from the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and how moving what is stagnant, being with our whole selves through the pains is a path to healing.


    Rachel Brumberger is a Maryland local who hates crabs and Old Bay Seasoning. In her acupuncture practice, she rocks at asking questions that have her patients say, “Whoa! How did you know that?” In the treatment room she will often make you laugh even when you are getting poked and she gives a great invitation for a good cry when needed.

    Before shifting careers into Acupuncture, Rachel spent more than 12 years working with nonprofit and education organizations in all aspects of strategic organizational planning and program management.

    Having experienced true wellness after receiving acupuncture herself, she made the leap in 2010 to make her life’s work helping people heal and making sure to remind them how amazing they are when they seem to have forgotten. She received her Master of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Post-Master’s Certificate in Women’s Holistic Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She completed the Integrative Health Practitioner Training for Hospital Settings at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. Rachel is co-founder of Third Space Wellness, a gathering place and wellness space in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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  • Events

    Summer Solstice Retreat

    I am so excited to be collaborating with Rabbi Sarah Tasman and preparing lunch and food ritual at her Summer Solstice Retreat!

    Take the time out of your busy schedule to relax, refresh, and renew. Celebrate Summer Solstice with movement, meditation, and creative expression.
    The retreat will include:
    Restorative Yoga for all levels
    A delicious, healthy, seasonal, vegetarian lunch and food ritual prepared and led by Jodi Balis of Red Lentil Consulting
    Art and Creative Expression Activity
    Wellness tips and Intentions for the season


    Register Here



    Jodi Balis

    Food Intuitive
    Ritual Maker
    Registered Dietitian
    Jodi Balis has been cooking in the kitchen with adults, children, and families for 15 years.
    As a food guide, she helps individuals find their food niche where meals are both practical to prepare and nourishing. 
    As a teacher, she approaches cooking and meal planning as both a technical and creative endeavor. She helps others set a strong meal foundation in the kitchen and create a cooking practice that flows and fits into busy schedules. 
     As a mother of two, Jodi designed her own kitchen so that food, family, and life are integrated into one. She finds joy in sitting around the table and eating roasted chickpeas with her 2 daughters.